Line messages subject to billing

Last Update: July 14, 2023

With LITTLE HELP CONNECT, you can send LINE messages in a variety of formats and timings.

This article describes the LINE messages for which you are billed.

Line messages subject to billing

  • Broadcasts
    • Messages sent by "Regular"
      Message sent by "Automated"
  • Chatflows
    • Messages that do not fall under "LINE Messages not subject to billing" below
  • Manned chat (1:1 chat)
    • Manned chat messages sent from your inbox or HubSpot's manned chat response screen 
  • QR Code
    • Message set in "Response contents" sent after adding a friend

When chatting on the LINE Official Account administration screen, the free API (Reply API) of the LINE Official Account is used and is therefore not subject to charges. On the other hand, when chatting on LITTLE HELP CONNECT, the paid API (Push API) of the official LINE account is used, so you will be charged for this service. Please be aware of this.

LINE messages not subject to billing

  • Chatflows
      • The first "send message" or "ask question" action sent immediately after the trigger response
      • Error message pointing out that the friend's email address was entered incorrectly and prompting the user to re-enter the email address
      • Message sent from AI auto-responder
    • Creating an auto response
      • Messages sent via auto-responder (e.g., after-hours messages, etc.)

    If you have set up multiple actions for sending messages in the chat flow, only the first action set up will be excluded from billing; actions set up for the second and subsequent actions will be billed. Please be aware of this.