Creating a custom QR code

You can create a custom QR code from your LITTLE HELP CONNECT account connection. Select the "QR Code" tab and click the "Create QR Code" button on the right side of the screen.


This section describes each item of the creation form.

This is the title for management purposes; when a new contact is created via QR Code, this title will be set to the value of the "LINE Traffic Source" property.

Original Source
Specify the value of the original source to be set when a new contact is created via QR Code. The set value will be used in HubSpot's reporting function.

Page after scanning a QR code
Specify the URL of the page you want to display after scanning the QR code. If this is not set, the user will be redirected to the talk page of the linked LINE official account.

Response content / Script
Use this option to send a message of your choice after scanning a QR Code.

Messages can be sent in a variety of formats, including text, video, images, and card-type messages.

To send non-text messages, write JSON code; for details on JSON code, see "JSON message".

It is also possible to write scripts to perform complex operations. For more information on scripting, please refer to "Script".

Updating property values
Specify the properties of the contact you want to update by triggering the scanning of the QR Code.

Set the following values
Specify the value you want to set for the property selected above.

Specify the workflow for which you want to register a contact by triggering the scanning of a QR code.

Enable this QR code
Enable the QR code for distribution. The default is disabled.

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