Broadcast Item Details

Last Update: November 10, 2023


This section details the items to be set for message delivery.


upper part of the screen

  • Title
    • Title for managing message delivery.

left side of the screen

  • Broadcast type
    • You can choose the delivery type of LINE messages you wish to send to your friends. There are two delivery types: "Normal delivery" and "Automatic delivery".

  • Broadcast time (No setting is required for automatic delivery)
    • You can set the delivery time for LINE messages. You can choose from two options: "Deliver Now" or "Schedule for Later". If you choose the latter, you can also set a "Repeat delivery" option.

  • Broadcast target  (No setting is required for automatic delivery) 
    • Broadcast from (LINE OA)
      • Specify the official LINE account from which you would like to distribute the message. When the drop-down is opened, the LINE Official Accounts already connected to LITTLE HELP CONNECT will be displayed as options.
        If you wish to specify a LINE account that is not listed, please refer to "Step 1: Connecting to an Official LINE Account".

    • Broadcast to *
      • Specify the HubSpot contact list you wish to use as the distribution destination. When you open the drop-down, lists created in HubSpot will appear as choices.
        You can specify multiple lists.

    • Don't broadcast to *
      • Specify the list of HubSpot contacts you wish to exclude from distribution. When you open the drop-down, lists created in HubSpot will appear as choices.
        You can specify multiple lists.

    • Use LINE Audience
      • Please refer to the following for more information on using LINE Audience

* Due to the limited amount of data that can be accessed from LITTLE HELP CONNECT to HubSpot, lists larger than 100,000 contacts cannot be specified.
If you wish to send out messages to more than 100,000 contacts at once, please split your list or use the standard message delivery function of the official LINE account.

middle of the screen

  • Preview
    • You can preview LINE messages to be sent to your friends.


right side of the screen

  • Message 1-3
    Up to three balloons can be delivered at once.

  • Message - Type
    You can select the type of message you want to use in the callout. There are nine types.
    • Text
    • Sticker *1
    • Image *2
    • Video *3
    • Rich Message *2
    • Rich Video Message *2
    • Card-based Message *2
    • Flex Message *3
    • JSON *4

*1: Due to specifications, only standard stamps can be selected. Stamps purchased by the customer cannot be used.

*2: Please register your contents in the red box below in advance before creating your message.

*3: For lex messages, paste the code created in Flex Message Simulator directly into LITTLE HELP CONNECT.

*4: JSON is a feature that was available when LITTLE HELP CONNECT did not yet have Flex functionality. Nowadays, Flex can be used in place of JSON, so there is no need to use JSON in special situations.


  • Message - Text
    • You can edit the message body to be delivered.
      If you want to recall a friend's property information (e.g. name, etc.), insert a contact token.

  • Do not convert URLs for tracking
    • LINE messages created from LITTLE HELP CONNECT message delivery are subject to tracking processing by default as a specification. By applying the tracking process, messages that meet certain conditions can be merged with or without "opens" or "clicks".

      When the tracking process is applied, the URL is converted to a special URL starting with "lhcn" and delivered to your friends.

      If you do not wish to convert URLs, check the "Do not convert URLs for tracking" checkbox.
      *If checked, "open" and "click" cannot be retrieved and "merge processing" cannot be performed.