Creating a Smart Rich menu

The Smart Rich Menu is created from the LITTLE HELP CONNECT account connection. Select the "Menu" tab and click the "Create Rich Menu" button on the right side of the screen.


This section describes each item of the creation form.

Title for administration.

Upload an image of 2500px (width) x 1686px (height). The maximum file size is 1MB.

Menu bar text
Set the text to be displayed in the rich menu bar.

Open menu by default
If you want to show the menu when you open the talk screen, set to "On (enable)".

Do not specify a list
Select [On (enable)] if you do not want to specify the list of target users.

Target List
Specify the list of HubSpot that contains the subject.

Specify the period
Select "On (enable)" if you want to specify the period of time when the rich menu is enabled. The period can be specified by "Start date" and "End date".

Specify the priority of the rich menu. If there are multiple rich menus that match the target's condition, the menu with the higher priority (smaller number) will be applied.

Specify the tap area of the rich menu image. Then, set the action for the numbers in the tap area.

Action Type
Select the action to be taken when the area is tapped from "Text", "Link", and "Menu Switch".

Action Type
Set the details of the action. If the action type is "Text", specify the text to be sent when tapping, and if the action type is "Link", specify the URL of the page to be displayed when tapping. If the action type is "Switch Menu," select the rich menu to switch to.

If the action type is "Switch to Menu," you can register the contact to a specific workflow.

There are two save buttons: "Save as Draft" and "Apply Rich Menu". If you click on the "Save as Draft" button, your settings will be saved, but your LINE friends will not be able to see your menu settings.

The "Apply Rich Menu" button will be activated when you have completed the necessary settings. Clicking this button will save your settings and apply the menu to your LINE friends.

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