Group talk

Las Update: November 14, 2023

This section explains the settings and specifications if you wish to talk to groups that include official LINE accounts.

How to create a group

First, access the LINE Account Manager where you manage your official LINE account.

Go to "Account Name" > "Settings" > "Account Settings" and select "Allow participation in group and multi-person talks".

Next, create a group.

Groups cannot be created by the official LINE account itself.
To create a group, have your friends who have registered with your official LINE account access your official LINE account and invite other friends by going to "Settings > Invite".

After the invitation, a separate group from the official LINE account will be automatically created.

How you can see group


You can check your group by accessing the administration screen "TOP > Communication > Inbox".

Friends who belong to a group can be seen in the right bar "Members of this group".


You can see this information in the "LINE Chat" bar on the right side of the contact page.
The messages that appear here are a mixture of both 1:1 and group exchanges.

We are planning to update the specifications so that 1:1 and group conversations can be displayed separately on "LINE Chat" in the future. As soon as the update is ready, we will reflect it in this article.

What you can do / what you can't do

In the Groups we provide, you can

  • 1:1 chat to friends belonging to a group
  • Sending pictograms and stamps
  • Sending canned messages
  • Sending file attachments

On the other hand, Groups provided by our company are not allowed to do the following

  • Sending LINE messages for simultaneous distribution
  • Sending LINE messages via workflow
  • Recording outgoing and incoming LINE calls and phone calls (for reference)

Billing structure

When you send a LINE message to a group using LITTLE HELP CONNECT, you are sending a 1:1 chat to multiple people.

If you send a 1:1 chat from LITTLE HELP CONNECT, it will be treated as a charged message, not a free message.
Reference: Line messages subject to billing

Therefore, sending one 1:1 chat to a group will result in a charged message for the number of people in the group. Please be aware of this.

Let's say there is a group of 3 members. If you send a LINE message from your LINE official account to the group, you will have sent two messages.