Once a user is created and granted permissions, the user will be able to perform the following operations

  • Change various settings on the LITTLE HELP CONNECT administration screen.
  • Use of mobile chat app

Users are created on the LITTLE HELP CONNECT administration page. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner and select "Users" from the Settings menu. Click the "Create User" button in the upper right corner of the screen to display the creation form.


This section describes each item of the creation form.

Email address
Please enter your email address.
* You don't have to use the same email address as the HubSpot user to create a user.

Please enter your name.

You can specify "English" or "Japanese".

Allow accessing an admin console
When on, it allows you to log in to the LITTLE HELP CONNECT administration page.
After logging in, you can change various settings.

Allow using a Mobile app
When on, allows the use of a mobile chat app.

LINE OA (Accounts to use)
Specify the official LINE account that users will use for chatting. 
You can specify multiple accounts.

Activate this user
Please turn it on when you start to use the user.

Once access to the administration screen is granted, an email invitation will be sent to the user to set a password. The password will be used to log in to the admin panel and mobile apps.


You can resend the invitation mail. Select the target user in the user list and click the "Send invitation" button at the bottom to resend the email.

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