Receive 1:1 message (LINE)

When a message is received in LINE, the following properties of HubSpot contact will be updated.

- LINE Last Reply Message
  The last message received will be recorded.

- LINE Unanswered
  The flag will change to "Yes".


In addition, if you have set "Create task for contact person when receiving messages" (or "Create task for LINE Official Account Manager when receiving messages") in the account connection settings, a HubSpot task will be created for the contact person (or the LINE Official Account Manager). Tasks will be created for the contact person (or "LINE Official Account Manager"). For more details, please refer to "Options for Integration".

Create your own notification function

You can use HubSpot's workflow to create your own notifications. Please specify "LINE Last Reply Message is known" as the trigger for the workflow.


You can also select "LINE Last Reply Message is known" for the re-registration option. This will allow you to register the contact in the relevant workflow every time a message is received (the value of the LINE Last Reply Message is updated).


Then set the action for the notification.


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