Broadcast performance

After the message has been delivered, you can check the performance of the delivery, including the number of messages reached, the number of messages opened, and the number of clicks. Click on the message settings after delivery to go to the detailed screen.


Click on a number on the screen to see the corresponding contact.


The number of opens and clicks can be measured when the message contains a link (or when a rich message is delivered). We use our own system to measure the number of opens and clicks.

The contact's timeline records the history of actions (sent, reached, opened, clicked) on the delivery in the form of cards.


In addition, the following properties of the contact will record information about the delivery.


Last LINE broadcast name
Title of the last message sent.

Last LINE broadcast send date
Date and time of the last message sent

Last LINE broadcast open date
Date and time of the last message opened

Last LINE broadcast click date
Date and time of the last message clicked

This information can be used to filter lists and trigger workflows.


Exporting distribution performance

Distribution performance can be exported to CSV in batches. Select the distribution you want to export in the settings list, and click "export" on the toolbar to export the file.

If you want to export a batch of distributions for a specific period of time, please click "Add Filter" in the upper left corner and specify the period of time to narrow down the distributions and then export them.


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