In "Response / Script", you can execute any script (program). By using scripts, you can link with external systems to provide reservation functions and freely refer to and update HubSpot data.

Enter the keyword "// script" in the first line of the auto-responder response. This will cause the response to be interpreted as a script.


You can edit the script in a large window by clicking the "Edit in Editor" button at the bottom of "Response Contents / Script".

We have prepared some useful variables and functions that can be used in scripts.

  • Variables
    • reply
      Refers to the message sent by your LINE friend.
  • Function
    • lh.sendMessage
      Sends a message to a LINE friend.
    • lh.updateContact
      Update a LINE friend's contact properties.
    • lh.addMultipleCheckboxValue
      Add to LINE friends' contact properties.
    • lh.removeMultipleCheckboxValue
      Deletes the value of a LINE friend's contact property.

The following is a sample script.
// script

// send a message
lh.sendMessage("Your phone number has been accepted.") ;

// Update the HubSpot contact properties
lh.updateContact("phone", reply);

//Add to HubSpot contact properties
lh.addMultipleCheckboxValue("phone", reply);

//Delete HubSpot contact property values
lh.removeMultipleCheckboxValue("phone", reply);

It will respond based on the message received by the auto-responder, and

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The sent message is stored in the contact's phone number property.



*"lh.addMultipleCheckboxValue" can only be used for properties that allow multiple values to be set.

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