Merging contacts in form submissions

You can merge "LINE contact" and existing contacts (contacts with email addresses) by triggering the submission of a HubSpot form.


This document describes how to set up a form to merge contacts.


To use this feature, you must subscribe to a plan that allows you to use HubSpot's workflow.


1. create a HubSpot form

The first step is to create a HubSpot form. The HubSpot form used for merging requires the following two fields.

- (Standard property) Email

- (Custom Property) Email ← Create a new one if necessary

The standard property email field is used to link the form submission to the LINE contact (internally, the value of the email address of the LINE contact is set using the HubSpot form's "Auto-populate form fields with a query string" mechanism).
Since the email address of the LINE Contact is a dummy address based on the LINE ID, please hide the field to prevent users from seeing it.


The custom property Email field is the field where the user enters his/her email address. Please note the internal name of this field as it will be used later in the process.


Add other fields, rich text, images, etc. as needed to complete the form.


Finally, the form is published. Copy the URL you published. Specify this as the destination for the custom QR code.



2. creating a custom QR Code

Create a custom QR code to transition to the public page of the form created above. To create a Custom QR Code, you will need to set up the LINE Login Channel. If you have not already done so, please refer to the "Initial setup for custom QR code feature" section to complete the settings.

Then, create a custom QR code from the "QR Code" tab in your account settings (see "Creating a Custom QR Code"). Specify the public URL of the HubSpot form you created in step 1 in the "Page after scanning QR code.


Then copy the URL issued.


Set this URL as the endpoint URL for the LIFF application.


3. add LIFF application

Add the LIFF application in the LINE Developers LINE Login channel (created in the "Initial setup for custom QR code feature" section).

Log in to "LINE Developers", open the "LIFF" tab of the LINE Login channel, and click "Add" on the LIFF application.

All items are required. Please refer to the following list for input items.

LIFF application name: optional
Size: Compact
Endpoint URL: Paste the URL of the custom QR code created in 2. here
Scope: Select all
Bot link function: On (aggressive)
Option ScanQR: OFF

Fill in the required fields and click "Add". This completes the setup of the LIFF application. Distribute the issued LIFF URL to encourage form submissions. It is also recommended to set the URL in the rich menu (reference "Smart Rich Menu").


4. workflow settings for form submission

After submitting the above form, perform the merge action in the HubSpot workflow. Select "Form Submission" for the trigger, select the form you have just set up, and set it up on any page of "Contact has filled out the form in the past".


Select the "ID Linkage" action under LITTLE HELP CONNECT in the workflow actions.

The "ID Linkage" action searches for existing contacts by the email address entered in the custom email field and merges them if they exist, or updates the email field of the LINE contact with the email address entered if they do not exist.

Set "Search Key Property Internal Name" to the internal name of the custom email field you created in form 1, and set "Search Target Property Internal Name" to the internal name of the standard email field, "email".

By saving this information, it is possible to merge LINE contacts and existing contacts triggered by form submissions.

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