One to One Communication

Not only sending LINE messages from workflows but also you can have a 1:1 LINE chat in a detail page of a contact record.

Please open a chat window by clicking the "LINE Chat" button on the "LINE (by Little Help)" card in a right panel of a contact record.

You can create a message in the bottom field of the dialog. Then, please click the plain icon to send it. Also, you can add a new line by pressing the Enter key.

You can also send Emojis,


and files.

Also, you can receive photos and files from LINE users.

If you have connected multiple LINE accounts, you can switch it on the button of the top bar.

After the chat, the conversation will be recorded in the contact's timeline. So, you can confirm LINE conversation history along with other communications like emails/calls in one place of the contact record.


When a LINE user sent a message to your LINE account in the case your operator didn't have a chat, a task will be assigned to the contact owner and they get a notification of it.

You need to set the contact owner of the contact. Otherwise, a task will not be assigned to anyone.

"LINE Unanswered" and "LINE Last Response" values are updated when a message arrives from LINE friends.

"LINE Unanswered" is the status of LINE chat. If the chat has ended with a message from the other party, the value is updated to "Yes".

"LINE Last Response" saves the last message received from a LINE friend.

You may use those values to trigger a workflow. One use case is to notify the message to other people in your team.

In addition, you can create a list using past LINE conversations. It might be helpful for segmenting your contact.

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