ID Integration with LINE users and HubSpot contacts

This section describes the procedure for obtaining the email address of a LINE friend and integrating it with a HubSpot contact (hereinafter referred to as ID Integration).

ID Integration is optional. If you don't need to integrate HubSpot contacts with your LINE friends, skip this setting.

1. LINE Login Channel setting

We will configure the "LINE Login" channel of your LINE Official Account. Please select the "Create new channel" botton in your provider.

Then, choose the "LINE Login".

You can register the channel name and description as you like. One thing to note, please choose "Web" in "App Type".

1-a) "Channel ID" and "Channel Secret"

Please copy the values of "Channel ID" and "Channel Secret" issued in "LINE Login" channel.

Then, paste them to the "Channel ID" and "Channel Secret" of the LINE connection setting.

After finished this registration, the LINE Login URL and the QR code will be issued.

You can distribute the URL or the QR code to LINE users to integrate them with your HubSpot portal. Please download the image file of the QR code from the "Download" button on the connection page if you need.

If you configured the "3-f) Add LIFF app" setting, the "LINE Login URL using LIFF" will be issued in addition to the normal LINE Login URL. In this case, the QR code directs a user to the "LINE Login URL using LIFF".

Please note that you need to configure the following settings before you distribute the URL.

1-b) URL after LINE Login

You can direct the LINE user to your favorite page after they are integrated via the link. Please register the URL in the "URL after LINE Login" field of the connection setting.

If you didn't set this URL, a LINE user will see the simple "OK" statement after their ID Integration.

We would like to recommend to set "LINE URL scheme" if you want to start a chat with your LINE account after ID integration. LINE URL scheme would be like this.

line://ti/p/@{LINE Account ID}

You can confirm the LINE Account ID in the top bar of the Account Manager. Please include the @ at the beginning of the ID.


1-c) Callback URL

Please copy the value of the "Callback URL" issued on the LINE connection setting. Then, go to the "App Settings" tab of the LINE Login channel and add the value in the "Callback URL" field.

1-d) Bot linked to this channel

Please choose the Messaging API channel selected in "2. Enable Messaging API".

1-e) OpenID Connect - Email

You need to complete this setting to obtain a LINE user's email address. Please click the "Submit" button under the OpenID Connect - Email field. The "Submission for email permission" dialog will be shown. Please check several terms of use.

Back to the LINE connection setting, please copy the URL of "LINE login Sample Page". Then, open the new tab using this URL. You will see a page like the following.

Please take a screenshot of this page. Then, upload it to the dialog by clicking the "register" button. Then, please submit the form.

1-f) Publish the LINE Login channel

Lastly, you need to publish the LINE Login channel.

2. Execution of ID Integration

When a LINE user opens the URL (or QR code) issued on the LINE connection setting, the authentication page will be shown. Once a LINE user allow the ID integration, the corresponding contact record will be created in your HubSpot portal.

In the process of LINE ID integration, this screen would be shown. This is a prompt to add your LINE Official Account to their friends.

After the ID integration, a LINE user will be redirected to the URL that you set in the "Page after LINE Login" field of the connection setting.

Under the hood of this process, we sync the LINE user information with the contact record in your HubSpot portal. The integration uses the email address of the LINE user to match the HubSpot contact. If we found the contact which has that email, we add the information into the contact record. Otherwise, we will create a new contact record using the email address.

If there is already a HubSpot contact synced with the LINE friend, it will be merged with that contact into one.

The following 4 values, "LINE User Id", "LINE User Name", "LINE User Picture", and "LINE ID Sync Date" will be added in the contact record when LINE ID integration is completed.

In the case that the LINE user does not register the email address in his/her account, the integration creates the dummy email address using the unique LINE ID. The dummy email address would be {LINE ID}

3. ID Integration using LIFI application

This setting is optional. You can add this later.

By using the LIFF app, you can enforce the LINE login operation to be performed in the browser of the LINE app. This is helpful if you really want to avoid a LINE user needs to input the email address and the password when processing LINE ID Integration. Usually, the password request does not happen, but unfortunately, it occurs on some devices.

Click the "Add" button in the "LIFF" tab of the LINE Messaging API channel.

Please copy the value of the LIFF Endpoint URL in the connection setting to the Endpoint URL of the LIFF app.

Input your favorite value in "Name" field (usually, it would be the same name as the LINE account) and choose "Full" in "Size" field. Please keep the value of "BLE feature" and "ScanQR" as default, "OFF". Also, you need to check the profile box in the scope field.

After completing the registration, please copy the value of the "LIFF URL" field to the connection setting in Little Help App Manager.

Finally, the new URL and QR code will be issued for the LINE Login using LIFF.

With the above settings, "LINE Login URL (using LIFF)" will be issued in addition to the normal "LINE Login URL". In this case, the QR code will take you to the "LINE Login URL (using LIFF)" page.

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