How do I migrate from another LINE friends management tool?

You can choose from the following two migration methods.

1. Migrate at once

Only one "Webhook URL" can be set in the LINE official account. Normally, set the URL issued by the LINE linkage tool in this "Webhook URL" to link the account with the tool.

By replacing this URL with the one issued by Little Help App Manager, other management tools will be switched, and the functions of the past tools will no longer be available.

In order to import LINE friends managed by another LINE management tool as HubSpot contacts, you need to perform some action such as sending a message to LINE friends (existing LINE friends in LINE official account) This is the same procedure as importing into HubSpot.)

2. Migrate little by little

It is possible to create HubSpot contacts by ID Integration while using the existing LINE management tool. In this case, you can keep the value of "Webhook URL" in the LINE official account.

If "Webhook URL" is not set to the one issued by Little Help App Manager, you cannot have a 1: 1 chat, and automatic contact creation when adding friends will not be performed, but sending LINE messages from workflow is possible.