Connecting LINE Official Account

In order to connect a LINE official account with the HubSpot portal, it is necessary to make settings on the following three management consoles.

1. Create a LINE account connection (in Little Help App Manager)

First, create a "LINE account connection" in Little Help App Manager. Click the "Connect a new LINE account" button at the top of the dashboard.

Please input the account name. It would be the same name as the LINE Official Account you want to connect.

The description will be used in the dashboard of Little Help App Manager. The icon will be used on the dashboard as well as a chat window in HubSpot. The description and the icon are optional fields, but we'd like to recommend setting them properly.

After creating a new LINE connection, the integration will create the following 7 contact properties for your HubSpot portal.

  • LINE User ID _ 1
  • LINE User Name _ 1
  • LINE User Picture _ 1
  • LINE Follow _ 1
  • LINE ID Sync Date _ 1
  • LINE Unanswered _ 1
  • LINE Last Response _ 1

"LINE User ID" is the ID of the LINE friend who follows the LINE official account. It is issued for each LINE official account.

"LINE User Name" is the display name of your LINE friend.

"LINE User Picture" is the URL of your LINE friend's avatar photo.

"LINE Follow" is the status of adding friends. If blocked, the value is updated to "No".

"LINE ID Sync Date" is the date and time when you synced with your LINE friends.

"LINE Unanswered" is the status of LINE chat. If the chat has ended with a message from the other party, the value is updated to "Yes".

"LINE Last Response" saves the last message received from a LINE friend.

The number at the end of each property is the serial number of the LINE account connection. The sequence number is issued when creating an account connection. You can check the serial number on the settings page.

2. Enable Messaging API

Next, you need to enable "Messaging API" of your LINE Official Account. Please login to LINE Official Account Manager. After that, you would go to the setting page of the LINE Official account, then click the "Messaging API" menu, and the "Enable Messaging API" button.

The integration will use the "Webhooks" function of the LINE Official Account. In order to use "Webhooks", you need to switch the response mode as "Bot". However, there are several limitations if you switch it. For more detail, please refer to this FAQ.

Next, please create the provider (or you can choose the existing provider if you like). On the name of the provider, the same name as the LINE Official Account would be good.

You can skip the registration for the URLs of "Privacy Policy" and "Term of Use" if you don't have the pages. Once connected to the provider, the status will be changed as "Enabled".

3. Messaging API Channel settings

Next, please log into the LINE Developers site, you will see the list of providers. Select the provider you choose at the previous step.

Then, please select the Messaging API channel in the detail page of the provider.

3-a) Channel access token (long-lived)

First, you need to issue "Access Token (Long Term)".

Then, copy the value of it to the setting of the LINE account connection.

3-b) Webhook URL

Next, please copy the value of the "Webhook URL" issued on the LINE connection setting to the Webhook URL in the Messaging API channel.


You can check the connection by clicking the "Verify" button after you registered the URL.

3-c) Use webhooks

Please select "Enabled" in "Use webhooks" on the setting page of Messaging API Channel.

3-d) Auto-response

Please select "Disabled".

3-e) Greeting message

If you are planning to use the HubSpot workflow tool to send a greeting message, please select "Disabled".

That's all you need to connect the LINE official account. Well done!

4. Import LINE friends

When the above settings are completed, a new contact will be created in HubSpot when a LINE friend is added.

A dummy value using the LINE User ID is set in the email address.

The dummy email address is generated by {LINE User ID}

For existing LINE friends, a HubSpot contact will be automatically created when A LINE friend sends a message.

If you delete a contact created in HubSpot, a contact will be created again if:

- LINE user sent a message to LINE official account

- LINE user blocked LINE official account, then unblocked (or added friend again)

If you add a friend again when you had already added the LINE official account as a friend, a HubSpot contact will not be created because the Little Help server will not receive a notification from the LINE server.

This specification complies with the terms and conditions of the LINE Official Account API.

5. Connecting multiple LINE accounts

You can connect multiple LINE accounts if you like. Please click the "CONNECT A NEW LINE ACCOUNT" button on the dashboard. The setting flow is the same as the first one.

The customer who has a starter subscription or in a free trial can connect up to 2 LINE accounts. 10 LINE accounts for a professional customer and up to 50 LINE accounts for an enterprise customer.

If you need to connect more than 50 LINE accounts, please contact us. We are open to supporting your special needs.

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