API Document

We provide API to access the data of Little Help App Manager. Please issue the API key in the account page if you want to use our API.

The value of the API key is hidden, but you can copy it to the clipboard by clicking the copy icon.

Please refer to the following document in the API detail.

1. Get LINE Messages

GET /api/line/:hubId/messages

You can retrieve the LINE messages from the above endpoint URL. Please include the API key in the URL parameters.

HTTP Methods:


Content Type:


Response Format:

Required Parameters:

apikey: Used to authenticate the request.

Optional Parameters:

from: Used to range start date. Date format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".

to: Used to range end date. Date format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".


Example GET URL:

Example response:

"vid": "101",
"name": "shinobu",
"messages": [
"sender": "You",
"msg": "Hi shinobu! Thank you for becoming our friend! 👋",
"contentType": "text",
"createdAt": "2019-11-03T23:41:20.371Z"
"sender": "You",
"msg": "[Sticker]\nID: 1",
"contentType": "text",
"createdAt": "2019-11-03T23:58:47.206Z"

Currently, there is no hard limit for API execution. However, we may apply it without any notice.