Connect with your LINE Official Account

Connecting HubSpot to the LINE official account is mainly the following three steps.

1. set up the Webhook URL
2. set up the channel access token
3. Activate Webhook

Each of these steps will be explained step by step. 1.

1. configure the Webhook URL

Login to the administration screen of the LINE official account you wish to connect to. After logging in, click "Settings" in the upper right corner of the screen.


Select "Messaging API" in the left menu of the settings screen.

Copy and paste the webhook URL from the LITTLE HELP CONNECT administration page.5-3

After pasting, click the "Save" button.

This completes the configuration of the Webhook URL.

If your LINE Official Account is not connected to LINE Developers, you will need to connect it first. Please refer to "Activating Messaging API" for instructions.

2. Setting the channel access token

The next step is to set up the channel access token. Channel access tokens are issued by the Messaging API channel of LINE Developers which is connected to the LINE Official Account.

Click on the "LINE Developers" link at the bottom of the Messaging API settings screen to go to the LINE Developers administration screen.

After navigating to the console, please select the provider associated with your LINE official account.

If the LINE Developers screen is displayed in English, you can change the display to Japanese by selecting "Japanese" from the options at the bottom right.

Then, select the "Messaging API" channel under Providers.


Select the "Messaging API Settings" tab at the top.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a section called "Channel Access Token (Long Term)". Click on the "Issue" button to issue the token and copy the value. (*If you already have an issued token, you can use that one.


Paste the copied token into the connection settings of LITTLE HELP CONNECT.


This completes the configuration of the channel access token. 

3. Activate Webhook

Return to the LINE official account management screen and select the [Response Settings] menu.


Set "Webhook" to "On" in the advanced settings. You can also set "Greeting Messages" and "Response Messages" in LITTLE HELP CONNECT, so turn off the LINE Official Account feature.


This completes the Webhook activation.

Finally, please go back to the LITTLE HELP CONNECT connection settings, enter the connection name of your choice (we usually ask you to give it the same name as your LINE Official Account), check the box to agree to the Terms of Service, and click the "Connect LINE Official Account" button.

This completes the configuration of the connection. Thank you for your time. 

4. check the operation

To check if your connection is working properly, go to "Home" in the upper left corner of the official LINE account and select "Add Friends" in the left menu, then "Add Friends Guide".


Scan the QR code with your LINE app to become friends with the account. This will automatically create a contact record in the HubSpot you are connected to.



You can have a 1:1 LINE chat with your contacts from the contact details screen. Please refer to "Overview of 1:1 Chat (HubSpot)" to try out the feature.

If you are already friends with someone before connecting, scanning the QR code will not create a contact in HubSpot. In this case, you will need to block and unblock the official LINE account or send a message to it. For detailed specifications, please refer to "Creating a LINE contact".

If the contact is not created in HubSpot, please check the following again.

- Is the webhook URL set correctly?
- Is the channel access token set correctly?
- Webhook is set to "On" in the response settings.

If you can't create a contact in HubSpot despite the above, please contact us via chat on the bottom right corner of the screen. We will help you with troubleshooting.

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