Creating a Traffic Source

QR code (and link) to collect the traffic source is issued by LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER.

The traffic source will be issued for each account connection. Please move to the list screen from the "Traffic Source" tab at the top of the account connection details screen.

Then, click the "+" button at the top right of the list to display the creation screen.

Enter the following items to create an inflow route.

  • Title (required)
    Enter the name of the traffic source. This value is set in the HubSpot contact's LINE Traffic Source property.
  • Original source (optional)
    You can select the original source of the contact that will be created.
  • Page after scanning the QR code (optional)
    You can specify the page to be displayed after authentication using the QR code (or link). You can also switch to the chat screen of the LINE official account by specifying the LINE URL Scheme (line://ti/p/@{LINE official account ID}).
  • Workflow (optional)
    You can specify the workflow you want to execute after authentication is completed.
  • Enable this traffic source (optional)
    Please turn it on when you start using the traffic source.

After saving the settings, a QR code (and link) will be issued.

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