Connecting LINE Login

This setup is optional. Please do it if you want to use our Traffic Source feature.

By connecting to the LINE login channel, you can use the ID linkage and inflow route analysis functions described below.

This task is performed by a user with Admin rights on the LINE official account and LINE Developers administration screen.

1. Creating a LINE login channel

Log in to LINE Developers and select your provider. Then click the "Create a new channel" button.

Select "LINE Login" in the pop-up window.

Follow the instructions on the screen and enter the required items to create a LINE login channel. The entered value can be changed later.

You can leave the default app type as "Web App". When registration is completed, the created LINE login channel will be added to the list.

2. Connection with LINE login channel

Copy the "Channel ID" and "Channel secret" of the LINE login channel and register them in the "Channel ID" and "Channel secret" fields of the LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER.

Next, copy the value of "Callback URL" of LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER and set it to "Callback URL" under the "LINE Login Settings" tab of the LINE login channel.

Then select the corresponding LINE official account in the "Linked OA" on the "Basic channel settings" tab.

Finally, we will publish the LINE login channel. Click the "Private" button at the top of the channel. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click the "Publish" button.

This completes the connection to the LINE login channel.

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