Connecting LINE Official Account

Next, we will connect to the LINE official account.

This task is performed by a user who has Admin rights on the LINE official account and LINE Developers management screen.

1. Create an account connection

Create an account connection in LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER. Select "Account Connection" under the LINE OA menu and click the "+ Connect LINE official account" button in the upper right of the list to display the creation screen.

On the creation screen, enter the name, description, and icon image. This information will be used when you select a LINE official account on the HubSpot settings screen.

2. Webhook URL settings

When you create an account connection, the "Webhook URL" is issued to connect to your LINE official account. Please copy this URL.

Next, log in to the "LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT MANAGER" management screen of your LINE official account.

Open the setting screen from the "Settings" menu on the upper right of the screen, and select "Messaging API" from the menu on the left side of the screen.

If the Messaging API of your LINE official account is not enabled, click the "Use Messaging API" button to start using it.

In that case, create a new provider. The name is arbitrary, but I think that it is better to use the same one as the LINE official account so that it will be easier to understand later.

You can leave the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use fields that appear afterward blank. You can set it later if necessary.

When the setting is completed, set the value of the Webhook URL copied from LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER in the Webhook URL field.

After that, click the "LINE Developers" link at the bottom of the screen to move to the LINE Developers management screen.

3. Setting channel access token

Set the channel access token. Select the relevant provider on the management screen of "LINE Developers" and select the Messaging API channel.

Select the "Messaging API" tab at the top of the details screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and issue a "Channel access token (long-term)". Then copy the issued value.

Paste the copied value into the “Channel access token (long-term)” field of LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER and save it.

Finally, go back to the management screen of your LINE official account and set the response mode to "Bot", the response message to "OFF", and the webhook to "ON" in the response settings.

This completes the connection with the LINE official account.

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