Installing the integration at HubSpot App Marketplace

First of all, install the integration from HubSpot's App Marketplace.

This task is performed by a user who has the right to install the HubSpot app on the HubSpot portal.

Go to "" and enter "LINE" in the search bar. I assume that the corresponding HubSpot app "LINE OA by Little Help" will be displayed.


Go to the detail screen and click the "Connect App" button in the upper right.


If you belong to multiple HubSpot portals, a list will be displayed, so select the portal where you want to install the app.

A screen allowing access will be displayed. Click the "Grant Access" button at the bottom of the screen to install the app.

When the installation is completed, the HubSpot LINE OA management screen will appear. This management screen is called "LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER" hereafter.

You can access LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER from the URL "". Please bookmark the URL as we will continue to work on it.

In addition, the language of the management screen can be changed to English or Japanese by the switch button on the upper right of the screen.

If you would like to know more about LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER, please refer to the following documents.


This completes the installation of the integration.

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