The options of the connection

Now that you've set up a basic connection, here are some useful options. Please use if necessary.

1. "Automatically create HubSpot contacts" option

You can set whether to automatically create HubSpot contacts when LINE friends are added to your LINE official account.

For existing LINE friends, HubSpot contacts will be created when LINE friends sends a message or unblock it.

2. "Automatically create a HubSpot task when receiving a message" option

You can set whether to create a task for the contact owner when a message arrives from a LINE friend.

If you want to build your own notification in your workflow, you can disable task creation notifications with this option.

3. "Get an email address of LINE friends" option

You can set whether to obtain the email address of your LINE friend when they do LINE login.

To get an email address, you need to upload a screenshot of the login screen in your LINE login channel settings. Please copy the URL of "LINE Login sample page" of LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER and open it in a new window.

Take a screenshot of the displayed screen and set it as your LINE login channel. Click the "Apply" button under "Email address acquisition authority" at the bottom of the channel to display the application screen.

Please check the notes and upload and save the screenshot.

With this setting, you can get permission to obtain an email address from your LINE friends when they do LINE login.

4. "Page after LINE login" option

You can specify the web page to be displayed after LINE login in "URL after LINE login".

If you want to display the chat screen of the LINE official account instead of the web page after logging in to LINE, specify the LINE URL scheme "line://ti/p/@{LINE official account ID}".

5. Options for using the LIFF app

You can issue your own QR code (and link) for ID Integration and inflow route analysis, but by default, the standard browser of the device opens when they use it. Depending on the user, it may be necessary to enter the email address and password of the LINE account on the browser, which may lead to withdrawal at that timing.

You can use the LIFF app to avoid this phenomenon. By setting the following, you can force the browser of the LINE app to open your own QR code (and link).

Add the LIFF application from the "LIFF" tab of the LINE login channel.

On the creation screen, enter the same name as the LINE official account for the LIFF application name and select "Full" for the size. Then, copy the value of "LIFF endpoint URL" from LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER and register it as the endpoint URL.

Select "openid" for Scopes.

Next, select "OFF" for the bot link feature.

Please tell the last "Add" button to complete the registration. The LIFF URL will be issued. Copy the value and register it in LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER.

Finally, press the save button.

This completes the LIFF app settings.

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