Sending a message from the Workflow tool

Installing the integration on HubSpot adds the following actions to your contact-based workflow.

  • Send LINE Message (v1)
  • Send LINE Message (v2)
  • Send LINE Message by Queue
  • Send Data

The specifications for each are explained below.

1. Send LINE Message (v1)

LINE Action to send a message to a friend.

  • LINE User ID (Required)
    Select the "LINE User ID" property from the selections. If you are connected to multiple LINE official accounts, specify the ID with the corresponding serial number (Example: LINE User ID _ 1).
  • LINE Account (Optional)
    Please set it when connecting multiple LINE official accounts.
  • LINE Message 1 (Required)
    Please register the message you want to send to your LINE friends.
  • LINE Message 2 (Optional)
    Please register the message you want to send to your LINE friends.
  • LINE Message 3 (Optional)
    Please register the message you want to send to your LINE friends.
  • Analytics Tag (Optional)
    You can set any tag for aggregation.  The tag can be used to filter delivery messages in the LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER dashboard.

You can deliver up to 3 messages in a single action. Each action consumes one message from the LINE official account.

Using contact tokens, messages can be dynamically assembled according to the recipient.

Do not use this action if you want to deliver a message to more than 100 LINE friends at once. An error may occur.

For simultaneous message delivery, please use the "Send LINE Message by Queue" action described below.

2. Send LINE Message (v2)
Similar to Send LINE Message (v1), this is an action to send a message to LINE friends. You can send a message without specifying the LINE User ID property, but its use is currently deprecated due to performance issues (remaining because it is already used).

3. Send LINE Message bu Queue

This action is used to broadcast a message to many LINE friends at once. For mass distribution, messages are once stored in a queue and processed sequentially. It takes a little longer to deliver than the "Send LINE Message (v1)" action, but it can deliver a large number of messages stably.

The specifications of the input items are the same as "Send LINE Message (v1)".

4. Send Data

It can be used when you want to send data (POST) to an external system. It is intended to be used in combination with a chatbot.

  • Webhook URL (Required)
    Please specify the destination URL of the data.
  • Request Signature (Optional)
    Please use it when you want to verify the publisher in the destination system.
  • Data (Required)
    Please describe the data to send. The JSON format is also supported.

When you deliver a message, history is recorded on the contact's timeline.

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