Sending a Rich message

Describes how to deliver rich messages from workflows.

1. JSON data generation

In order to send a rich message from HubSpot, it is necessary to register the specified JSON data in the "LINE Message" field of the send action.

You can generate this JSON data with LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER. Log in to the management console and select "Rich Message" under the "LINE OA" menu.

After that, click the "+ Upload image" button on the upper right to upload the image to be used in rich messages. Please prepare a square image (1040px vertical, 1040px horizontal).

Since the created rich message is added to the list, click the title to move to the details screen.

In the detail screen, set options for rich messages.

  • Alt Text
    The text to display when the image cannot be displayed. The message set here is also used for the push notification message of the LINE application.
  • Template
    You can divide the pages to be displayed according to the position where you tap the image. In addition to the entire surface, we have prepared 4 types of templates such as left and right division, quarter division.

  • Link URL
    Set the URL of the web page to be displayed when tapped according to the region in the template.

Video rich messages can also be delivered. If you want to use video, check "Use video" and set the following.

  • Video file URL
    Please specify a video file in mp4 format. The maximum file size is 200MB.
    If you use the Marketing Hub of HubSpot, you can upload the video to the file manager and use the public URL.
  • Video Label
    Displayed after the video has finished playing. The maximum number of characters is 30.

  • Webpage URL
    It is showed when you tap the label displayed after playing the video.

2. Using JSON data

After saving the settings, click the "Copy" button at the top right of the screen to copy the JSON data.

Paste the copied JSON data in the "LINE Message" field of the HubSpot workflow action. You can now deliver your rich message.

The rich message is a highly visual and responsive message format. Please use all means.

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