Sending a Flex message

Describes how to deliver Flex messages from a workflow.

Flex messages are messages that can be delivered in any layout. Please refer to the LINE Developers document for detailed specifications.

Just like the rich message, you need to generate JSON data to deliver from HubSpot. Please use the "Flex Message Simulator" provided by LINE to generate JSON data.

Please use the generated JSON data by copying it to the "contents" key.

"type": "flex",
"altText": "This is a Flex Message",
"contents": ...

Since it is necessary to create JSON data yourself, I think it is a little difficult. Please use the online tool "JSONLint-The JSON Validator" to check if the JSON data is appropriate.

Finally, paste the JSON data in the “LINE Message” field of the send action of the workflow.

Various services can be provided by combining the Flex message and the "Programmable chatbot" described later. Please use all means.

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