Creating a Smart Rich Menu

In order to sort out the rich menu, first, upload the images used in the smart rich menu with LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER.

The smart rich menu is set for each account connection. Please move to the list screen from the "Menu" tab at the top of the account connection details screen.

Then, click the "+" button at the top right of the list to display the creation screen.

Enter the following items to create a smart rich menu.

  • Title (required)
    Enter the name of the smart rich menu.
  • Image (required)
    Upload the images used in the smart rich menu. Please upload the image of horizontal 2500px × vertical 1686px. The maximum file size is 1MB.
  • Menu Bar Label (required)
    Specifies the text that is displayed in the smart rich menu bar.

  • Use by default (optional)
  • Target list (optional)
    Specify the target for which you want to display the smart rich menu. Create a list with specified conditions in HubSpot and select from the dropdown.
  • Priority (optional)
    Specify the priority when the target person overlaps with other smart rich menus. Smaller numbers take precedence.
  • Template (required)
    Specifies the tappable area of the smart rich menu. You can choose from 7 patterns.

  • Action type (required)
    You can set the action to be executed when you tap the area of the selected template.
    • "Text"... Let a LINE friend sends a text
    • "Link"... Shows a web page
  • Action (required)
    If the action type is "text", specify the text you want to let them send, and if it is "link", specify the URL of the web page you want to display.
  • Enable this rich menu (optional)
    Please turn it on when you start using the smart rich menu.

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