ID Integration

Using the LINE login mechanism to obtain the user's permission and integrating with the CRM of HubSpot is called "ID Integration". You can get explicit permission to work with your CRM system and limit the friends you want to manage in HubSpot CRM.

ID Integration occurs when a LINE friend uses the QR code (or link) below.

  • LINE Login QR (or link)
  • Traffic Analytics QR (or link)

By clicking the above QR code (or link), the following authentication screen will be displayed.

Authentication screen sample (Japanese)

Authentication screen sample (English)

Links such as the logo on the authentication screen, account name, and privacy policy can be freely set on the LINE login channel.

If you wish, you can also obtain the LINE friend's email address on the above authentication screen (For the setting method, please refer to "Connection Options-3. "Get an email address of LINE friends" option"). If the contact with the email address already exists, that contact will be merged with the LINE friend's contact.

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