Creating a LINE friend contact

1. Conditions of creation

LINE friends will be created as contacts in HubSpot under the following conditions.

  • If the "Automatically create HubSpot contacts" option is enabled
    • Make friends with LINE official account
    • LINE friends sent a message to LINE official account
    • LINE friends unblock LINE official account

  • If the "Automatically create HubSpot contacts" option is not enabled
    • Allowed the ID integration via LINE Login QR (or Link)
    • Allowed the ID integration via Traffic Analytics QR (or Link)

2. Properties

In the created LINE friend contact, the information about the integration is stored in the following properties.

  • LINE User ID
    The LINE friend ID is stored.
  • LINE User Name
    The LINE friend's name is stored.
  • LINE User Picture
    The URL of the profile image of the LINE friend is stored.
  • LINE Follow
    The following status of LINE friends is stored (YES: follow, NO: block).
  • LINE ID Sync Date
    The date that is synchronized with your LINE friends is stored.
  • LINE Unanswered
    YES when a message from a LINE friend arrives.
    It will be NO if you reply to the message from the chat.
  • LINE Last Response
    Contains messages sent by LINE friends.
  • LINE Traffic Source
    The traffic source of LINE friends is stored.

With the higher plan, you can connect multiple LINE official accounts to HubSpot. In that case, a serial number (example: _ 1) is added to the end of the label of the above property.

The serial number of the property related to the corresponding LINE official account can be confirmed on the LINE connection details screen.

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