Creating an Auto Response

The automatic response is set in LITTLE HELP APP MANAGER. Please go to the list screen from the "Auto Responses" tab at the top of the account connection details screen.

Then, click the "+" button at the top right of the list to display the creation screen.


  • Title (required)
    Enter the name of the auto-response.
  • Type (required)
    • "Text"... Respond to text messages from your LINE friends.
    • "Postback"... Respond to LINE friends' postback actions. Postback action is sent by button tap etc. of Flex message. For details, please refer to the LINE Developers documentation.
    • "Reply"... Responds to a reply.
      • Reply Target
        • "Auto Response"... Respond to a specific autoresponder reply.
        • "Tag"... Responds to tagged message replies sent by the workflow.
      • Validate Input
        • "None"... Does not validate the input.
        • "Email Address"... Check whether the input content is an email address.
        • "Phone Number"... Check if the input is a phone number.
        • "Katakana"... Check whether the input content is katakana.
          • Error Message
            Specify the message to send if the input validation determines that it is invalid.
  • Use Keywords (optional)
    Check to specify the keyword to respond to.
  • Keyword (optional)
    Specify the keyword to respond. Multiple keywords can be specified by separating them with commas (,).
    • Conditions
      • "Equal to"... Responds if the sent message (or postback action) exactly matches the keyword.
      • "Contains"... Responds if the sent message (or postback action) contains keywords.
      • "Starts with"... Responds if the sent message (or postback action) begins with a keyword.
  • Use Timeframe (Optional)
    • Day of week
      Specify the day of the week for the auto-response.
    • Timeframe
      Specify the time to start and end the auto-response.
  • Response Contents (optional)
    Register the message to be sent when the conditions are met. You can also execute arbitrary scripts. See "Embedding Scripts" for more information.
  • Workflow (optional)
    You can add a contact to your HubSpot workflow during an automated response.
  • Create a task as well if auto-response happens (optional)
    You can specify whether to notify the contact person of the task during the automatic response.
  • Enable this auto-response
    Turn it on when you want to start using the auto-response.

If the conditions are met, a response message will be sent immediately and the contact will be registered in the specified workflow.

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